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Driving Forces are the "WHY" behind our actions as well as why we connect or not with people, tasks and ideas. They are sometimes called the hidden motivators because they are not always readily observed. Often individuals are not familiar with their Driving Forces and are unable to clearly identify what drives them. This assessment provides information that contributes to the foundation for self-awareness, which allows us to make better-informed choices and modify our actions. Driving Forces are a major factor in engagement and job satisfaction. When an individual fully understands what drives them, they can avoid conflict or engage with individuals having similar drivers to expedite collaboration and communication.

Benefits of the 12 Driving Forces Report

  • Reveal what drives an individual12 DF Pgs Pix12 DF Pgs Pix
  • Discover unique strengths
  • Hire and development the right talent
  • Increase employee engagement and productivity

    Potential Applications for Your Organization
  • Personal Development
  • Performance improvement
  • Strategic planning
  • Hiring
  • Coaching and advancement

This program contains:

  • 14 Modules
  • 128 Page Driving Forces Reference Manual
  • Debriefing Guide
  • Complimentary 12 DF Assessment & Debrief
  • Additional Resources
  • You will receive your own Internet Delivery System (IDS) Account for delivering assessments to your clients or employees. 

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