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  • Do you sometimes feel that you have no personal power?
  • Do you want to build a better life for yourself?
  • Do others take advantage of you?
  • Are you a victim thinker?

Because I’ve been where you are, I help people who feel like a victim, lost, or hopeless who want to get out of the mire and take back their personal power so they can regain the strength to build the life of their dreams.

From my abusive childhood, to my awkward adolescence, and much of my adult life, I played the victim. But I discovered how to build a better life using these same 11 steps to breakout of the victim role, my victim thinking, and take back my personal power. You too can take back your personal power, become more courageous, be assertive, competent, and build the life of your dreams.

Overcoming being a victim has allowed me to get out of my own way and take back my personal power to write 5 books. In addition, earlier on in my career, I became an actress and model appearing in a movie and in numerous commercials and performing in a national spot for Delta airlines. I did voice overs, print and runway modeling. At one time I was “Daffey Diane,” (some say I still am!), a magic clown. I also performed magic as myself winning Magician of the Year for Greater Atlanta.

Overcoming victim thinking and taking charge of your personal power opens doors and opportunities for you to live a far richer life.

This course comes with:

                • One Welcome Module
                • 11 – Modules with the Steps to take Back Your Personal Power
                • A unique password to take your personal 45+ page assessment
                • 41 – page Personal Power Assessment Workbook
                • 43 – page References and Resources Handout
                • Nine – page Goal Setting Action Plan
                • Diane’s Story

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