Work with Diane Bogino for Real World Solutions

Whether you are looking for productivity strategies, personal development or life insights, Diane is the coach you’ve been looking for!

Diane is a leading developmental coach and expert in helping people get unstuck, discovering the value they bring to the workplace, their family, and the community.

She brings a wide range of experience coaching those wanting help with development, career building, changing careers, life changes, and people at any age, who are stuck, including people from multi-national backgrounds. This expertise and scientifically based tools give Diane the sensitivity and unique ability to quickly diagnose and deliver exactly what you and your company teams need most.

Below are the different ways you can work with Diane as your coach. If you prefer to work alone or at your own pace, please try any of our online courses. But if working with a real person is more your cup of tea, read on.

Individual Coaching

If you are looking to transform your ideas, skills, and yes, even your dreams, work one-on-one with Diane as your coach! She has the tools and skills to develop a customized program to meet your individual needs and reach your goals. This is a most direct way to get the answers you’re searching for.

Most clients use this Individual Coaching Program for specific answers and need more than a one-shot review of their plans. Once you’re enrolled in the program, you will receive information for reading, studying, and learning, if appropriate. In addition to that, you’ll have regularly scheduled times to interact with your coach on a confidential basis. Even better, you’ll have access to your coach when pesky, pop up situations occur you might not have been expecting.

This program is great for:

  • Executive development
  • Individuals who are stuck in unfulfilling careers
  • Life changes
  • Solopreneurs interested in growing
  • Business owners who want to take their business to the next level

Group Coaching

Are you interested in boosting the success of your team or your entire company? Diane’s Tandem Team X-Ray Program helps small and medium organizations to improve performance through scientifically based tools, teamwork, communication, and strategic planning sessions.

  • Individuals, and small to medium businesses that are currently stuck
  • Teams within organizations
  • Organizations experiencing growing pains
  • Groups that are having productivity issues
  • New teams that are struggling to produce