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Our popular DISC assessment explains “how” people do what they do in their daily lives. TTI Success Insights’ version of DISC uncovers unique insights about observable behaviors. This assessment is sometimes referred to as “the operator’s manual for employees.” DISC highlights specific behavioral characteristics a person is likely to possess, and is backed by research, making it a solid predictor of future behavior.

Benefits of the DISC Report

  • Understand yourself
  • Reduce workplace conflicts
  • Understand your interactions others
  • Understand how people are different and adapt for success

Potential Applications for Your Organization

  • Discover if the right people are in the right positions
  • Create an action plan to help employees improve, engage and advance
  • Enhance daily communication in all levels of the company
  • Demonstrate advantages of featuring an entire team in one DISC team report

The DISC assessment creates a foundation from which to explore insights that go below the surface through use of our other sciences.

DISC is available as a stand-alone report, or as part of the more comprehensive Talent Insights™ (behaviors with 12 driving forces or motivators) or TriMetrix® reports (behaviors combined with multiple sciences). DISC has been successfully helping people reveal human potential for decades.

Training others to understand DISC, teach the proper application of DISC, and learning DISC yourself is now easier due to our series of DISC training videos. These training videos will help you understand the four DISC styles and the importance of DISC assessments. You can now learn at your own pace through a variety of methods we provide.

This program contains:

  • 19 Modules
  • 389 Page DISC Reference Manual
  • Debriefing Guide
  • Complimentary DISC Assessment & Debrief
  • Additional Resources
  • You will receive your own Internet Delivery System (IDS) Account for delivering assessments to your clients or employees.

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