Do you have unmet goals?
Are your dreams unfulfilled?
Do you want a better career or life?

Will help you…

  • Increase clarity, focus, and direction
  • Create a specific strategy and a plan to reach goals
  • Build or enhance necessary skills
  • Create a supportive environment to achieve success
  • Deal with barriers that prevent goal achievement

If your goal is to

  • Write a book
  • Find a better job
  • Build a lasting career
  • Start a business
  • Create a more rewarding life

will provide

  • A structured approach to creating the success that you want in your personal and professional life
  • Allow you to share and learn best practices,
  • Help you set goals
  • Ensure accountability

Achieving your goals through self-discovery, structure, and support. Groups are limited to 7 people so that you get both the attention and feedback you deserve.

road to success

Upon payment you will receive a personal password to take an assessment that will be the foundation for your path to self-discovery. In addition, you will uncover the talents, attributes, and competencies you already possess to sustain you on your journey long after the mastermind is over.

Beginning Dates Times and Registration:

Mastermind Held Every Thursday beginning,
August 27th 6:30 pm EST (runs 12 weeks)

Mastermind Held Every Wednesday beginning,
September 2nd 7:00 pm EST (runs 12 weeks)

Mastermind Held Every Tuesday beginning,
September 8th 6:30 pm EST (runs 12 weeks)